Teapot glyphs is a part of my
diploma project dealing with Teapots. I propose here, in a fun way to discover various teapots
specimen made by a selection and a decomposition of typefaces.
Then, I merge all necessary elements like: the handle, the spout and the lid. This book deals
with the analogy to create typefaces and create teapots. It's a montage and details have to fit.

Making-of is an informative book dealing with ceramic art to create
a teapot. Creatives steps are described through texts, sketches
and photography.

Launching poster for l'Heure tourne 
a fictitious coffee bar.


Leola is a fashion brand, who sells 
clothes and accessories in Paris.
The logotype communicate simply
modernity and fashion through typefaces.

Brochure dealing with Memphis
design. This group was born in Italy
by Ettore Sottsass in 1980.
Furniture and naives forms merge
in the page. Colors are also in link with the group.

Poster for a private event in Paris.

Informative brochure dealing
with art exhibitions in Paris.
The layout propose two versions
in one object, a french part
and an english part.
Those have the same hierarchy
and the color define the langage.
The typeface used to the title is drawn especially for this work.

Flyer invitation for a dinner
in the darkness during the lunar changing.

Interview from Ian Party,
typedesigner from Switzerland.
The content is articulated around
the Swiss BP and the Roman BP from the B&P Typefoundry.
Also, a comparaison between typefaces and landscapes,
more precisely with the beauty
and functionality of a barrage.

Experimental fanzine dealing 
a typeface made 
in paper sheets printed.

Have a look, have a book
is a presentation booklet 
dealing with various projects
and sent to agency.

Playful booklet proposition showing
products of Andreas Bechtiger,
designer from Switzerland.
The layout is inspired from the website, and furnitures are shown
two by two and sometime more.

Flyer invitation for a private party
in Paris.